Dancing With The Dads


Jan. 30 2017 – Il Palazzo – 132nd and Fort


Dancing for steps Greg Tvrdik looks lovingly at his daughter Franny Tvrdik ’18 as they join the other 209 attendees and spend their first Dancing with the Dad’s together. Tvrdik sported her Fitbit not only as a fashion statement, but to ensure that all of the steps she took while dancing were added to her daily total. Marian’s group outgrew the dance floor at Il Pallazo, which the venue has never experienced. carmenmiller


Show stopper The crowd stares in awe as Grace Bolamperti ’17 flawlessly executes a dance move known as The Worm. Bolamperti used this move to finish off the dance circle that President Mary Higgins started. “In third grade we all tried to do The Worm at soccer practice, but no one was really able to get it,” Bolamperti said. “Eventually I figured it out, and it just stuck with me.”carmenmiller


How do you make a tissue dance? Put a little boogie in it!  Grace Treves ’20 and her father, John Treves, get funky on the dance floor. “My favorite part of the dance was watching my dad dance to ‘Watch Me’,” Treves said. “It was so funny to see all the dads trying to dance like that!” The two were able to spend time together from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. starting with a social hour, which led to dinner and dancing. carmenmiller


All eyes on them Lily Blake ’19 and her father, Adrian Blake, steal everyone’s attention in the middle of the dance circle in the final half hour of the dance. “My dad’s favorite dance move is awkwardly jumping up and down,” Blake said. carmenmiller


Light Night  On Sunday, Jan. 29, Marian girls, their moms and other special friends, including Megan Anderson ’17, Sarah Anderson ’19 and their mom Erin O’Malley Anderson ’88, crowded into the cafe for a night spent devouring bundt cakes, learning to cultivate joy, and being surrounded by the women in their lives they love most. Photo courtesy of Blaire Kratochvil.

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