I gave up texting and social media for a week and this is what happened



It pains me to say, but I am almost fully convinced that I am addicted to my phone. In any circumstance, I feel a temptation to pull it out and refresh Twitter 90 times in one minute, just hoping that new material will magically appear. In times of boredom, I resort to texting friends and losing a game or 10 of 8-ball Pool.

So in hopes of decreasing the necessity to have my brain constantly focus on a fancy rectangle, I gave up social media and texting for a week.

This does not include email and calling, because I have a mother who still wants to know what I’m doing at all times of the day. The following is the log of my carpal tunnel-reducing journey towards technology deprivation:

Through this journey, I learned the true value (and worthlessness) of social media and texting. Social media wasn’t that hard to go without, but it did take a bit of self control.

Texting was far more difficult just because of the fact that, whether we like it or not, it is now a form of communication. Friends and family would text me asking me questions, or just wanting to talk. I felt rude not responding and a bit out of the loop involving plans or just what was going on in my friends’ lives.

Whenever something interesting happened in my day I wanted to text my friends and tell them, but I couldn’t. I told myself I would remember to tell them the next day when I saw them, but that never happened as I have a horrific memory.

Overall, the break from social media was nice and refreshing, but the break from texting was harder to live with.


Photo courtesy of launchandhustle.com

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