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Apple Demo Demolished


It should come as no surprise to anyone at Marian that the main student wifi network, mhs student, tends to get a little overworked at times.

Who can blame it, when it has 699 ipads currently connected to it?

On the occasion that the wifi isn’t working, most students’ first instinct is to head to the wifi selection menu under settings to try to connect to another network.

There, you would find mhs student, mhs staff, Visitor and Apple Demo.

As one mightimagine, mhs student is for student use, mhs staff is for staff use, and Visitor is for, well, visitors, along with students who choose to bring in more than one

device, for example, laptops and phones.

But what about Apple Demo?

r-i-p-copyAccording to technology specialist Billy Deibler, “The Apple Demo network was originally meant to be open for a period of time for enrolling new iPads into our iPad management system (hundreds of iPads at a time) and then closed.”

In other words, Apple Demo was intended to make setting up the ipads easier for Billy, Mrs. Jane Campbell and the TARs, not create another internet access point for students.

“Apple devices, by default, will automatically connect to a network named Apple Demo if it is an open network.

“This is a method that was used by Apple in their retail stores to provide a seamless experience to their customers setting up their new devices.

“This way, customers wouldn’t need to enter a wifi password,” Deibler said.

In terms of Marian, this way everyone wouldn’t need to worry about entering in the mhs student password right away.

Although the main wifi networks not working is a pain for everyone, Deibler wants to stress to students not to use Apple Demo.

“Students should NOT be connecting to this network,” Deibler said.

“The goal is that their devices will all be on MHS network.”

Apple Demo will be shut down sometime this month, so until then, stay off of Apple Demo!

Laptop or iPad? Marian girls weigh in


Marian girls will often face several ultimatums during the day.

The most important of these is most likely the great debate between cookies and ice cream at lunch (to which most will probably opt for the happy compromise of the cookie sundae).

A close second to this is whether to sport a school-issued iPad or a laptop.

There are many pros and cons to both laptops and iPads.

Most girls opt for the laptop option because of the convenience that a built-in keyboard can bring.

ipads-vs-laptops-1This makes it a lot easier to type papers, which, as a Marian student, can be a very influential factor.

However, keyboards are available that can sync with your iPad via Bluetooth, which makes the iPad paper process a lot smoother.

Aside from this, a lot of girls appreciate the easy website accessibility of laptops.

Numerous sites require a separate mobile version to function correctly on the iPad, which can be an additional burden.

On top of all of this, iPads are more portable than laptops.

Some girls have chosen to go with iPads simply because that’s what Marian issued them and they don’t own a personal laptop.

Others prefer their own laptops, citing the easy-to-use physical keyboards and simple organization.

No matter if you’re #teamiPad or #teamlaptop, it’s clear that Marian girls have resources to excellent technology on their hands.

Survey Says…


Photo Storage


How the headphone jack got jacked


The release of the iPhone 7 on Sept. 7, 2016 has caused both eye rolls and the emptying of wallets. The cause of such reactions is the phones’ lack of a headphone jack, which was once a feature expected to be on every phone. The headphone jack, which is a phone connector primarily used for audio devices, is commonly used to listen to music through headphones or an auxiliary cord that connects the phone to a car’s stereo.

Apple is selling wireless headphones in place of their $649 phones’ jacks, which has led to widespread backlash.

design-1Some people find the wireless headphones, which are called AirPods, to be just another way for Apple to con consumers out of their money.

“It is ridiculous that they expect people to spend more money for another device to plug in their headphones,” junior Katherine Martin said.

Although Apple product owners have shown concern with the new phone, Apple representatives have shown faith in their new design.

“At first, I was confused about what I was going to do with the auxiliary cord, but then, I figured out how to work the Bluetooth feature on my car. Then, it wasn’t that big of a deal anymore,” senior Maggie Dowd said.

Some people have looked past the lack of headphone jack and focus on the phones’ new features.

“I was upset about the lack of a headphone jack at first because I thought it would be an inconvenience. However, my friends have purchased the new iPhone and seem to be unbothered by it, so I have now taken it into consideration. The new iPhone seems to offer many more amenities, so I suppose that they could make up for the fact it does not have a headphone jack,” sophomore Olivia Hess said.

“Many people oppose the direction that technology is progressing towards, but I think that it may be inevitable: the future just might be wireless,” freshman Chiara Wallen said.

Samsung brings the heat


Apple has been bragging about their new iPhone 7, which contains hip new features such as removing one of the most important element of a phone: the headphone jack.

But theSamsung Galaxy s7 one-upped them and created a new feature that’s innovative and will light up your world!

It’s called“TheSurvival Feature”. The best part is that it’s fun and easy to use!

All you have to do is turn your phone on, set it down and then it’ll start a fire for you!

This is a more organic and natural way to produce light, so ditch your old, rusty, environment-killing flashlight.


Just be careful because this quirky quality might burn your house down, but it makes a cool party trick.

In all honesty, every phone has their ups and downs.

Some have little water resistance, crack easily or explode. The Samsung Galaxy s7 was released on Sept. 2 and everyone was confident it would be a hit and it was!

Millions of people bought this new phone, which only burned its brand even more.

People commented on its superb display and polished design.

But after 35 reported cases of the phone overheating and even exploding, the phone was recalled.

They claimed the cause of the combustion was the “battery management system.”

It’s the thing in your phone that tells the electrical current to stop once the battery is fully charged.

If one part of the system is faulty, the battery will overcharge.

Remember when the infamous hover boards were bursting into flames?

Well, this is something like that. Both the hoverboards and the phones use lithium batteries.

Once this flammable liquid quickly heats up, it explodes.

I guess you could say, this phone is…lit.

All eyes on iOS 10



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