Winter Formal: An Eiffel-ly good night in Paris

review by carmenmiller

In this world, nothing can be certain except for death, taxes and high school dances. I am an advocate for everything that high school dances embody: the asking process, the preparation, the pictures, the dinner and, of course, the dance itself. As someone who has been to more than 15 dances in her high school career at five different schools, I can say without a doubt that dances are as fun as you want to make them, and Winter Formal was no different.

As I entered the doors of Marian, camera and heels in hand, and looked down at the quad, I was refreshed to see the tell-tale signs of a high school dance: girls screeching when they see their friends (as if they hadn’t seen them the day before) and awkward boys standing in clusters while quietly murmuring among themselves. The teacher-chaperones were lurking in the corner, reliving their high school memories or just hoping that their daughter will make good dress choices one day. I handed my coat, heels and corsage to the lovely Freshman Class Officers working coat check and made my way to the dance floor.

CM WF.jpg

Baguette-ing down on the dance floor Nika Lisko ’19 and Payton Lofdahl ’19 holding hands and jamming out to Devon Dupree’s DJing. They, along with everyone else at the dance, had the opportunity to share these moments with their friends. carmenmiller

I was sentenced to taking pictures for the first part of the dance, but that gave me the perfect opportunity to observe my surroundings. The dance began as most do: slow. Teenagers are too afraid to go all out in the beginning, due to fear of judgment and also the fact that there are not that many people on the dance floor yet. However, there is one song that will never fail to force teenagers to get down: “Yeah!” by Usher. After this song was played around 9:30 pm, DJ Devon Dupree, who was personally trained by Marian’s beloved DJ Hotboy, had everyone hooked for the rest of the night.

As the night advanced, the songs began to improve and everyone started to let loose. Something is to be said about moments like this, dancing with close friends and classmates and not having a care in the world about what you look like or what people think about you. Everyone there just wants to have a good time, no matter how ridiculous you look. And that, to me, is the reason that high school dances are so special. When I look back on my three and a half years of high school, these innocent moments are the ones that I cherish the most.

In comparison to other dances, Winter Formal 2017 ranked among my top five. The music was up to my high standards, the dance floor was hype and I was blessed to be able to spend it at the best place on earth, Marian High School (not that I’m biased or anything).

I would recommend this dance, or any dances for that matter, to everyone, because they are truly as fun as you make them, and they provide an opportunity for precious memories that you will hold onto for the rest of your life. I left Winter Formal 2017 with a smile on my face, my camera and heels in my date’s hands (because what else are they good for) and ran off to the traditional ridiculously-themed after party, but that’s another story.


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