February MBEAT Broadcasts

Feb. 2 MBEAT: Brought to you by the J1 MBeat Team of Julia, Courtney, Makayla and Lily: A Shady Shadow Intro, Light Night, JVLA, Dancing with the Dads, Cafe Chats with FAKE news, HOPE night at the hoops and a Valentine’s Playlist. Thanks for watching! NOTE: The MBeat team inaccurately listed the costs for JVLA for next school year in this broadcast. The cost is $125 for a semester course and $175 for the year-long course. This is stated in both the 2016-17 and 2017-18 Curriculum Handbooks. It is also on the senior registration worksheet. We apologize for our error.

MarianFEST17 MBEAT: Superhero Gala (MarianFEST 2017) student video. Thanks to all our SUPERHEROS! We are grateful!

Feb. 15 MBEAT: The J1 Team of Andie, Cammy, Maria and Audrey bring you news of the week including Momentum Show Choir, Pops Concert, Speech tournament, Swimming & Diving and Valentine’s Day stories. Thanks for watching!

Feb. 22 MBEAT: The J1 team of Allison, Julia, Kate and Diana bring you additional news of the week including State Cheer & Dance, Immigration Speaker, The Light the Way candle vigil for refugees and immigrants and more details on State Swimming/Diving. Thanks for watching!

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