Basketball team brings school together to start new tradition


Between Surprise Day, Field Day and Gnimocemoh, Marian has a slew of unique traditions. This year, Marian’s basketball team is trying to start another one.

To show their support for those suffering from cancer, Marian’s basketball team started selling t-shirts in different colors representing different kinds of cancer. The proceeds all go towards The American Cancer Society and the team will be wearing their shirts during their game against Millard North on Jan. 31. In total, the team sold 68 shirts.

“If you watch different high school and college sports teams, a lot of them have ‘pink out’ or ‘dig pink’ games for volleyball to support cancer research. We wanted to start a new tradition like that at Marian,” basketball coach Mr. Kent Bray said. “I want it to be the seniors on the team’s project, so moving forward I hope they really take charge of it.”

Many of the seniors are excited to show their support at the game.

“I am very excited to play with my team and be able to be competitive but still have fun. I’m excited for the turn out because we’ve never done this before,” senior Lexi Riley said.


Come together Marian’s JV basketball team competes against Millard West on Jan. 9. Theteam will be sporting their Color of Hope shirts at the varsity game on Jan. 31. Photo courtesy of Anna Nulty.

“I’m most excited to see all of the varsity basketball team wearing their respective color of shirts during warm-ups because I think it will be an awesome sight,” senior Brenna Morris said.

“I am excited to see all of the students, fans, faculty, and parents at the game wearing different colored t-shirts.  I am excited to see the different colors represented and how we all come together to support a common cause,” senior Megan Anderson said.

Next year, Bray hopes that the juniors take on the project as their own.

“I think taking on the Color of Hope project is a nice responsibility I would very much like to take on next year because it means a lot to me and others in the school. I think almost everyone has someone they know or love going through cancer, and I think spreading the awareness and raising money for the American Cancer Society is a big thing to be in charge of,” junior Emma Raabe said.

“What’s interesting is that everyone has their own reason for wearing the shirts, because everyone’s been affected,” Bray said.

“I chose kelly green because my uncle passed away this past summer from liver cancer, and that’s the color for that type of cancer,” Riley said.

“My entire family bought a shirt in the same color [neon green]to support my grandma who is a survivor of lymphoma.  We will all wear them in support of her,” Anderson said.

Though every student who ordered a shirt has their own story and reason, this is a project that brings all of those stories together to support a common cause. Be sure to come out to watch the basketball team play in their shirts on Saturday Jan. 31 to support Marian and all of those battling cancer!

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