Servite night provides good conversation, fun times


The Servants of Mary are universally known for their kindness, compassion and willingness to help everyone, not just Marian students.

One way the community of Marian makes an effort to give back to the founders of the school is through a longstanding tradition called Servite Night, held this year in the Convent Servite Center of Compassion on Feb. 15.

Pizza party time Seniors Kiera Leppert, Emma Shoemaker and Claire Pelan join Sr. Joy Weideman and Sr. Midge Peterson at Servite Night on Feb. 15. Servite Night brings both Marian students and servites from the Omaha area together around good pizza and good laughs. anahingorani

Servite Night is a tradition started by the Marian Moms, one of whom being Carol LaHood, mother of senior Mia LaHood.

“Servite Night is a group effort to celebrate their [Servants of Mary] community service, service to Marian and them being great role models for the girls. We want to recognize them, honor them and bring them together,” LaHood said.

The Marian Moms ordered pizza from Mangia Italiana, provided beverages and desserts and supplied gifts such as fuzzy socks and stationery for the Sisters to chose from.

Just like every year, Marian students were welcomed to join the servite community from both the Motherhouse and Omaha area for this event.

“I’ve been coming as long as they’ve been doing it,” Sister Terese Lux said. “It’s wonderful to be able to get together with everyone around the blessing of good food and the gracious welcoming of the Marian Moms!”

“The gifts are small tokens of appreciation, usually donated by the students,” LaHood said. “This is a fun, happy event that really just comes together.”

The night was filled with laughter, love and board games. “We played Headbandz with the Sisters, a game where you attach a card containing a person, place or thing to your head and ask questions to the people in your group to try to figure out who or what you are,” senior Maria Gallegos said.

“All the servites are so sweet and nice, and they’re so much fun to be around. I hope they had as good of a time as I did!”

“The Marian Moms plan a nice pizza dinner and serve us themselves. We don’t even have to get up! It’s so relaxing. We get all the time in the evening to sit at the round tables with each other and the Marian students,” Sister Mary Alice Haley said. “It makes for good conversation and great jokes!”

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