Q&A: Surprise Day dance emergency explained


img_0491-2Cotton candy, face painting, an ambulance and a caricature artist all have one thing in common.

They were all present at Surprise Day this year.

On Surprise Day, Feb. 2, for possibly the first time ever, an ambulance was called.

Freshman Meredith Forster dislocated her knee while enjoying the dance party held in the West Gym.

Shock spread throughout the entire student body as whispers began about the girl who went too hard on the dance floor.


Dance the day away Meredith Forster ’20 (pictured above) dislocated her knee during the dance party on Surprise Day, Feb. 2. The dance party was held in the West Gym with DJ Devon Dupree.

Looking back, Forster laughs about it, but she wasn’t laughing then. The gym was cleared for about 15 to 20 minutes while she was brought out to the ambulance on a gurney.

Forster was brought to the hospital, and when she arrived, they popped her knee back into place.

She would like to thank everyone who helped her through the whole situation.

Q: What exactly happened?

A: “I was just walking backwards, and then I slipped and fell because my socks were super slippery.”

Q: Did it take long to get back on your feet?

A: “Once my knee was popped back into place, no. I had an MRI on Feb. 16 to check up on it” Forster also wore a brace on her knee for a few weeks following the injury.

Q: What advice would you give others to help them avoid something similar happening?

A: “Don’t walk backwards in slippery socks.”

Q: Any funny reactions you remember, looking back?

A: “Jordan Funke freaked out. She was on the ground crying,” Forster said.

“I thought she was dead or something!” freshman Jordan Funke said.

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