Students reveal embarrassing sports moments



Aker Ajak ’20 

“All of a sudden my legs got really tired. When I tried to jump over the hurdles, my leg got caught and fell over it. When I tried to get up by walking over to the next hurdle, I knocked it down. I ended up knocking down a few before someone came and helped me up. It was the worst!”


Maureen Flanery ’20

“I was jogging back to serve at a volleyball game, and I tried to leap and turn around at the same time. My legs got tangled up in midair, and my ankles gave out when I landed. I fell on my caboose and slid on the floor. My team was cracking up, so I just sat there and laughed for a bit.”


Jordan Hatcher ’19

“I was at softball practice when a ball smashed me in the face. It didn’t hurt, but my eyes were watering, and my nose was gushing out blood. My dad had to take me to the hospital. When I left, my coach shouted, ‘Maybe next time you should use your glove to catch the ball and not your face.’”


Rachel Walet ’17

“I was at state softball this year, and it was super cold, so we had to have a bunch of hand warmers. I decide to maximize the potential and put a hand warmer in my bra to really warm it up, and it ended up giving me a second-degree burn on my [breast]. I still have the scar.”

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