Local places to snack, study, socialize

reviews by nataliekemler

Do Space


Do Space is situated next to a Dunkin’ Donuts, but that’s not the only thing it offers. Do Space is the perfect place to go for anything technology-related. With rows of computers, meeting rooms, technology help and even a 3D printer, Do Space allows customers to utilize all kinds of technology for free. A free membership allows people to access the technology available, including Wi-Fi. Do Space is full of people of all ages and is extremely accommodating for everyone. Technology help and classes are available as well as various rooms for children to be occupied and learn. It can get a little loud, so I recommend bringing headphones to listen to music while you toil through homework.

UNO Criss Library 


UNO’s library is a great place to quietly study or work on group projects. UNO’s library allows access to computers, printers, a vast selection of books and a place to eat. The cafe offers drinks, snacks, sandwiches and soups. With different sections, the UNO library offers different environments for different studying needs. There are rooms for groups to get together, similar to Marian’s Collaboration Room. There are also quiet areas to study solo: one floor is completely quiet. The library is open late, so it is the perfect place to cram for finals and grab a coffee and sandwich.

Panera Bread


Panera is the perfect place for collaborative projects. With a bustling atmosphere, groups can snack on salad and soup while discussing the details of their projects. It is an exceptional place to get something delicious to eat and to study with a friend, but it can get loud. Plan on buying a coffee or snack if you’re going to take up a table. Panera offers delicious bakery treats and a large coffee bar menu with hot and iced drinks. Some locations have community rooms, which are easy to reserve by calling the location and speaking with a manager. They offer a break from the noisy dining room. With multiple locations in the Omaha area, Panera is a convenient spot to meet up!

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