Field Day makes its theater debut at new venue, Baxter Arena



Nearly everyone has thought at one point or another, “My life is so interesting; it should be a movie.” Some may especially think that in the hustle and bustle of Field Week. This year, Marian, along with producer Tom Elkins, father of senior Sam Elkins and freshman Abby Elkins, is making that subconscious thought a reality.

Marian will be embarking on a two year journey in an attempt to show outsiders the craziness that is Field Day. Elkins and Marian’s Digital Media Director Maggie Hinrichs are creating a documentary highlighting the impact of Field Day on students and diving deeper into 21st century learning styles.

Field Day was created by Marian in an attempt to teach students skills like leadership and collaboration. Collaboration is considered one of the best practices in 21st century learning. However, Marian has been instilling these ideals in students through Field Day since 1957.

Students may have seen Hinrichs frantically trying to snap pictures of their color block results’ reactions. Hinrichs will continue to find girls in action during Field Week. If you find a camera in your face, act natural. The project is on a two-year timeline and is projected to be done in 2018.

image1 (6)

graphic by Lily Nelson

Field Day is the biggest Marian tradition, but this year has one major change in store: Baxter Arena.

Located at approximately 60th and Center, it is the new shiny venue for Field Day. With the new venue comes new dimensions, new space to fill with demonstration- singing voices, and a new surface for cheerleaders to tumble on.

Field Day has made huge advances since its start. The move to Baxter reminds alumni and teachers of the transitions from Benson Park to the softball fields to the East gym and even to Sokol Arena on Creighton’s downtown campus.

The Field Day crowd keeps growing so Marian administration thought it would be a wise idea to move to Baxter with a capacity of nearly 8,000.

Wrist bands for Field Day will be sold during Field Week, Walls Night and at the door on Field Day.

“It is my favorite week of the year. I would hope that each class and all girls would know the true meaning behind this week. It is to grow closer to one another and experience the magic and spirit of Marian,” junior StuBo treasurer Emma Roth said.

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