Got Blood? Emergency Response Team on standby at Student Board’s annual blood drive


     What’s blue and plaid and red all over? Marian’s Blood Drive, of course! The annual blood drive, put together by Student Board, took place on Wednesday, March 29th. 75 pints of blood were donated, 10 more than Student Board’s goal of 65 pints. In total, the Marian community saved up to 225 lives.

         The goal set by StuBo was the minimum number of pints needed to receive a $250 scholarship from Red Cross. This award will be given to a senior either in need of financial support or one who goes above and beyond in their schoolwork. The Red Cross works with StuBo throughout the year to plan the event, and makes sure donations run as smoothly as possible.

         “It went really well this year. We donated enough to get our scholarship, and we didn’t have to call the Emergency Response Team, which is pretty good,” StuBo moderator Mrs. Ashley Bauer said.

         Marian girls remembered to prepare for the blood drive this year, stocking up on iron-rich foods and drinking lots of water the night before they donated. Junior Olivia Tate shares her story of her blood donating pre-game ritual.

         “It all started the evening before the Blood Drive. I thought to myself, hydrate… or die-drate. I then started chugging water because I was really nervous that I would faint,” Tate said. “My dear mother made me a hearty breakfast of eggs, bacon, and raspberries. On my way to school, I ate two granola bars […] some might say I was prepared.”

         This was Tate’s first time donating, but her preparation beforehand helped tremendously with the nerves.

         “I was only nervous about fainting when I stood up. Once they put the needle in though, I was relaxed and felt completely okay,” Tate said.

         Big breakfasts and drinking excess amounts of water paid off for Marian girls this year, as only three students fainted, and no emergency response was needed.

         The Emergency Response Team (ERT) was thankfully not asked to come down to the gym this year, but they are always on call. English teacher Susie Sisson has been on the team since it was formed in 2005, and is one of the five faculty and staff members making up the ERT.

          Spanish teacher Mr. Andrew Bauer, Learning Services Coordinator Mrs. Jen Christen, Dean of Student Affairs Ms. Ronda Motykowski, Athletic Trainer Mrs. Melissa Brusnahan and Sisson all make up the ERT, and they are called to help a student approximately five to ten times a year.

         This volunteer group, led by Brusnahan, gets re-trained every year in cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), automated external defibrillator (AED) training, and anaphylaxis training. “We are the first line of defense. When we are called, we go to the classroom and assess the situation,” Sisson said.

         This year’s Blood Drive was a positive experience, with exceeding the donation goal, prepared students and teachers, and little passing out involved, this event was not in veinNeedle-less to say, Marian sure knows how to give.

ER blood drive Color
Stayin A positive Eva Wieczorek ’17 prepares to donate blood during Block C on March 29. Hers is one of the 75 pints donated. photo by emmaroth

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