Juniors prepare for ACT



ACT excitement Five juniors show off their ACT books before the second session. The junior class attended three sessions to prepare for the ACT. 

By J1 Reporter Anna Kilzer

Taking the ACT is no easy feat. It takes an abundance of determination, stamina and focus to wake up at the crack of dawn on a Saturday morning, sit and take a rigorous test for three hours and then possibly proceed to write an essay for another 40 minutes. Many students even sit through this test-taking marathon several times throughout their high schools careers in hopes of increasing their scores on this standardized college admissions exam.


This is where an ACT prep class can come in handy. Many students take such a class in order to improve their scores, which is why the Marian administration decided to require its juniors to take the Three Moms and a Test prep class in preparation for the April 8 test date. If taken outside of school, this test prep course would have cost $225 a student.   

Many students have found this class to be useful, such as junior Jorden Paule. “The ACT class is helpful, but also overwhelming because of all the information. The most helpful advice that we’ve learned is that the test itself is actually just a game, and it doesn’t really test your skills,” Paule said.

This year’s junior class took a practice test at school in January and attended three separate strategy sessions, each lasting three hours during school hours on Fridays. Students learned tips and tricks for each section of the ACT: English, Math, Reading and Science, as well as overall test-taking strategies.

While the ACT will never be the most exciting part of college applications, Marian has allowed for its students to be as prepared as possible through this practice and prep course.

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