Metro Science Fair brings Marian recognition

2 girls gSALL
Sophomore Amritha Arun and freshman Shruthi Kumar received recognition for their projects presented at the Henry Doorly Zoo.


Over the spring break week of March 6-10, two Marian girls competed at the Metro Science Fair in the high school division. Freshman Shruthi Kumar and sophomore Amritha Arun both had projects that were recognized at the competition at the Omaha Zoo.

Kumar wanted to find out how ultrasonic sound could be used to deter animals from cars. This would reduce the significant number of roadkill each year. She discovered that when a certain sound came from a car, animals became irritated with the noise and stayed away from the roads.

She was drawn to this because she wanted to find a more permanent solution to roadkill and she was able to utilize her skills in coding to create stimulations to help her project. Science teacher Sharon Genoways mentored and helped Kumar expand her research.

Kumar says if she could use her passion and skills in the science field for the world, she would try to reduce the chemicalized inventions in the world and transfer to a more natural lifestyle. She was recognized at the Armed Forces Communications Electronics Association (AFCEA) and will be given a cash award at the Offutt Air Force base on April 13.

Arun hoped to determine whether plant extracts can slow down the speed of bacterial growth. She wanted to find a different method of killing bacteria as opposed to the antibiotics used currently.

“I chose this topic because I wanted to have a science project where the findings would be useful in real life situations. Finding new types of antibiotics could potentially save the lives of millions!” Arun says. Arun qualified for the Nebraska State level competition and competed at Nebraska Wesleyan on April 20.

Arun will continue to pursue her passion for science and research, and hopes to go into the medical field in the future. Her goal is to find the cure for all deadly diseases in the world today.

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