National History Day winners


On March 2, 26 sophomores in Honors American History showed off their hard work at the National History Day competition where they each presented their papers (roughly 15 pages) to a panel of judges.


Sophomores National History Day winners Kate Brashear, Ashley Straub and Abby McGill. Photo by makaylasedlacek

The winners were Abby McGill (1st place), Kate Brashear (2nd place), and Ashley Straub (4th place), all of whom chose a woman-related topic for their paper.

Abby’s paper was titled “Eleanor Roosevelt: Taking a Stand for Human Rights,” Kate chose “Elizabeth Cady Stanton: Taking a Stand for Women’s Suffrage,” and Ashley wrote “Harriet Beecher Stowe: Taking a Stand to End Slavery, 1811-1896.”

The ladies went on to compete at the state-wide competition on April 8, however none of them placed.

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