The best of both worlds

By J1 reporter Hayley Golden

Math class: the class that is stereotypically considered the most catastrophic class of high school. There’s no doubt that making math class fun and amusing can be difficult, but for teacher Miss Megan Han, it’s a challenge that she’s willing to accept.  Han takes learning to the next level.

“I think it’s important, especially in math, to have a fun class. I feel like it’s a subject that a lot kids come in thinking that ‘I’m bad at math, and I hate math.’ So, having a fun class can kind of help them realize that it doesn’t have to be that bad subject that they hate.”  While Han acknowledges that she likes to make learning fun, she also says that it’s important to stay focused.

Sophomore Roseclaire Vandevegt from Han’s Block E class admits that “If you don’t stay focused, then you won’t learn anything.”

Laughing and learning is something that sophomore Ashley Straub experiences everyday in Han’s class. “We are able to share stories and laugh at jokes while at the same time learning about geometry.

It sounds out of place to be talking and having fun during math, but in Miss Han’s room we do it daily.” Straub also explains that she’s never been a huge fan of math, but she now looks forward to the class. Han says that one of her tactics to help spice class up is by playing review games. “It helps everybody review the material, but it also helps take a little bit of the stress off testing.” Vandevegt agrees, “It gives us test types of questions, and helps us get questions answered.”

Although learning is the main priority, Han says that some days it can be easy to get off task; especially at the end of the day. “The last blocks of the day are always the hardest because everyone is kind of tired. It’s harder to focus on what you need to do when you know that you get to go home in a little while.”

Ultimately, Han tries her best to stay on topic by staying consistent with her notes. “I have very structured lectures, and upload my notes outline so that the students see what we need to get done.” By doing this Han says that it lets the students know that they need to pay attention and focus.

In the end, by balancing discipline and amusement, Han truly creates the best of both worlds for her class.


Miss Megan Han’s Block E Geometry class. Photo courtesy of Diana Elizalde.

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