Freshman crosses norms to keep fit

by lilywatkins & mariadeterman

Competitiveness runs in Marian’s blood. Girls are willing to do just about anything to get a leg up, whether it be through club teams, solo practice or training camps. Freshman Katelyn Malick (no relation to Zayn) does something few Marian girls do in order to train: CrossFit.


Showing off her strength Katelyn Malick lifts 75 pounds in a snatch at CrossFit Hydro on March 11, 2017. She placed first in Nebraska in a CrossFit meet. Photo courtesy of Katelyn Malick

CrossFit is a high-intensity fitness program that incorporates elements from several workouts such as bar exercises, gymnastics, rope climbing, rings and of course weight lifting. Workouts are strenuous to say the least, but that doesn’t deter Malick—not one bit.

She started CrossFit in 2015 in order to build strength for her main sport: volleyball. She played for junior varsity  this year, and said her CrossFit training “helped with endurance.”

Malick said that CrossFit initially drew her in because it “seemed fun.” A classmate from Saint Joan of Arc began the CrossFit journey with her, and the two friends quickly realized all the benefits the workouts brought. Malick recommends the regimen with a definite ‘yes!’ to all who are thinking about trying it.

“It’s a good challenge to get up and do something, and it builds a lot of strength!” Malick said. Her record ‘snatch’—a type of lift done in Cross Fit—is 75 pounds. Few Marian girls have probably ever tried lifting two-thirds of their own body weight, but for Malick it is no problem.

In the photo above, Malick was competing in a world-wide meet that placed her in the CrossFit Leaderboard for her age division. “Over a series of five weeks there are five workouts you do, then are compared to the rest of the world in your age group,” Malick said.

In the world, she placed 248th, and first in the State of Nebraska for her age division.

Malick trains at CrossFit Hydro, one of 10 CrossFit-specialized gyms in Omaha. She participates in teen classes so she is able to train with others her age.

It is not common for a teenage girl to willingly do such intensive and exhausting work, but hey, Marian girls are all about surpassing expectations.

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