The Meaning of Life: Morning Edition

sofyherrera & emmaroth

It is quite amazing that, on average, a normal Marian student spends 8 hours of her day at this glorious high school. Depending on extracurriculars, she might spend even more. Although it feels like they are always surrounded by their classmates, the rest of their hours outside of school remain a mystery. We started at the beginning of their day to ask that one important question, “What makes you get out of bed in the morning?” No other question can give you more insight into the lives of Marian students than learning their morning motivation.

emmasofy - 1

Kate Jensen

“I love to swim and spend time outside.”

When freshman Kate Jensen was asked the deep question of “what makes you get up in the morning?” Her response was just as meaningful “I don’t want to sound cheesy,” she said, “but my family and friends make me get up in the morning. Just seeing them in the morning makes me happy.” The loving support system placed around Jensen is reflected in her attitude towards her classmates and peers. Sometimes the things we take for granted are actually the things and people we value most. “I look forward to playing volleyball and seeing nature,” Jensen added. These little, everyday activities keeps her motivated for the hectic and busy life she lives.

DSC_3061Lily Blake

“To put smiles on my friends faces, just kidding, probably because I want Dunkin, but absolutely no sugar!”

Sophomore Lily Blake loves her friends, but she may or may not love Dunkin Donuts more. She recites her regular order, “large iced caramel swirl with cream no sugar,” proudly memorized. Two of Blake’s favorite things include her friends and iced coffee. The time crunch in the morning, consisting of beating the line at Dunkin and still making it to school to chat with friends, gives Blake a special type of morning determination. “The best type of morning is when you have all your homework done so you can relax in your hall with good friends while sippin’ on even better coffee,” Blake said. Although she does not purchase coffee every day, the morning motivation of seeing her friends makes it all worth it.

emmasofy - 9Kylie Champion

“Sometimes I wake up and ask ‘why do I do this to myself?’”

Junior Kylie Champion’s morning motivation is her intense, everyday running routine. Fitness has always been apart of her life, and after a knee injury at the end of her freshman year, staying in shape has become even more important. “Running wakes me and gets me motivated to get through my day,” Champion said. She is very aware of the “public opinion” about waking up at 5 a.m. before school to run on her basement treadmill, but the haters don’t stop her. “I’m super understanding to those who don’t know why I get up to run, sometimes I ask myself the same question,” Champion said. Physical activity may not be every girl’s favorite cup of tea, but this champion’s determination to stay fit is evident.

DSC_0001Gigi Housman & Jenna Popp

“I can get from my car to class in approximately two minutes.”

While most girls wake up for a beverage or breakfast food, these seniors are doing good to make it up Soph Lot by 7:53. Gigi Housman and Jenna Popp ‘17 happily claim the title of “I can get from my car to class in approximately two minutes.” “We run up Soph Lot together,” Popp said. The two are happy members of Soph Lot and have only experienced the privilege of upper lot once this year and it was due to a mandatory tryout hosted earlier in the morning. When asked what gets them up in the morning, their response was quick and simple. “We don’t get up in the morning,” Hausman said. And the girls wouldn’t have it any other way.

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