The sole reason why colored socks are my achilles heel


A how to guide to avoid the drawer of conformity

socks!!!!Hypothetical Situation: I’m sitting in class. The teacher just put up a complicated math problem. Something with arcsin and a unit circle. Focus. Focus. Focus. All of my attention goes to the teacher as she scribbles numbers across the board. Why doesn’t it make sense? I already know the answer. I can’t focus. The girl in front of me. It’s her socks! They’re distracting me from learning!

Back to reality: Riddle me this, of all of the items in a room, what could distract you the most? When making my own personal list, tapping pens and the fact that no one uses a wood pencil anymore can be found at the top. Maybe I am just odd (which is extremely possible), but my mind doesn’t immediately jump to someone’s socks when getting distracted. That’s at LEAST 18th on the list of distractions. In today’s (school) society, socks are unjustly scrutinized for being unique.

I am here to speak out for the socks that cannot. Our feet should be used for freedom of expression. They are constantly being shoved back into drawers of conformity. How will I ever know if you are organized and have your life together (white or black socks), are hanging on by a thread and left your car lights on (two different colored bright socks), are a fan of comfort and most likely wish you were at home sleeping (fuzzy socks), or honestly have given up at this point and are living life on the edge (no socks um ew)?

If you’re like me you’re all of the above, depending on the hours of sleep you got, the day of the week, and how much you’re fearing the wrath of Tom Baker.  

Why is she spending her precious time writing about feet mittens? you might be asking. The answer is simple: “you are what you wear” — myself. I am representing the 8.4% of the student body that voiced their disapproval for this law banning us from expressing us through our feet. The problem I have with this ban is that it goes beyond socks. Our whole lives we are shoved into drawers of conformity. We are told that neon orange is not an acceptable color. This is false, and so is the statement that colored socks are distracting. 

Whether this rule is ever changed is not point I am attempting to make. My “sole” point is this: do not be shoved into the drawer of conformity. Break out.

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