Classes compete in Field Day tug of war

By J1 reporter Lily Heim

Four classes, one rope and the possible fate of Field Day. Most people don’t know the real reason behind Field Day Tug of War. Some think it is just a fun, competitive way to kick off Field Week, but in reality it could determine whether your class goes down in history as Field Day champions or has to settle for second place.

Tug of War is the determining factor if there is a tie on Field Day. Each class elects or chooses ten girls to represent their class in this tug to victory. “This year, the senior class officers went into a room and wrote down everyone they thought would be beneficial to the team. We then narrow it down to the strongest girls,” senior class officer Lauren Novacek said.

The sophomores have a similar selection process: “We want tall and very strong girls. The most important girl is the anchor, so we look for someone who can grab the rope and run as fast as they can,” sophomore class officer Kristin Beduhn said.

Junior Emma Raabe is a two-year member on the 2018 Tug of War team. Although her class has not had much success for the past two years, she is very hopeful for the future. “When I walk out and get into my Tug of War stance, everything else disappears. The adrenaline takes over, and all I see is the rope,” Raabe said.

Tug of War can be a nerve-wracking event if you are doing the tugging. “It’s all about the pre-season training. Lifting weights, protein shakes and a good pump up playlist are the keys to success,” Raabe said. Kicking off Field Week, this year’s Tug of War takes place on April 24 after the Kick Off skits. Sophomores, juniors and seniors are going into the 2017 Kick off Block with experience, freshmen on the other hand have no idea what’s coming.

“I’m excited for Tug of War and to see what all the talk is about! I think the freshmen can really prove themselves,” said freshmen student board member, Grace Crockett. This Marian tradition is an anticipated event for many students, and only one class will bring home the victory.Rope Brush.jpg

Graphic by Evelyn Paul

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