Midtown coffeeshops make a splash

By J1 Reporter Abby McLaughlin

Find yourself in Dundee, Aksarben or the general Midtown area and want a cup of joe? Check out these hot (or iced) places.

coffeechart-3 (1)

Grab a chai and check out this chart. Most of the info for the coffeehouses reviewed in this article is on the chart.

Blue Line– 50th and Underwood Street. A quiet place to work if you desperately need to concentrate. Working on papers is easy here because it is quiet and most people there are working on school work, too. This serene spot is also a great space to get coffee and hang out. Parking can get tricky on Underwood, so park in the lot in front of the coffee shop. What I recommend: Iced Chai Tea Latte (put extra cinnamon in it to give it a little kick!) and a Chocolate Chocolate Chip Muffin. About $6

Crane Coffee– 87th and Cass Street. There are multiple locations, but the one on 87th and Cass is the most spacious. Lots of space allows for you to to work by yourself or with a group. The back room is great for group work because of the large tables and comfy chairs. The wifi is slow though, so make sure your documents are available offline. What I recommend: Turtle Latte and a Cinnamon Scone. About $6.50

Caffeine Dreams– 46th and Farnam Street. This huge coffee house that has lots of open tables and outdoor seating, which is perfect for when it is nice out. The coffee house is great for doing homework because it is open and peaceful. You can play board games too, if you’re going to hang out with friends. What I recommend: Strawberry Banana Smoothie with Soy Milk. About $4.

Dundee Double Shot– 50th and Dodge Street. This small coffee house located right off of Dodge has a ‘latte’ of different latte options, served hot or iced. Most customers utilize the drive thru, but there is also a patio to sit outside. This is a great for if you want to get coffee with a friend on the weekends! What I recommend: Dirty Harry, Hot. About $4.50

Roast– 67th and Shirley Street. This lively coffee shop in Aksarben is perfect for group work because of the bar-style seating and long tables. It’s just as good if you go alone, too because there are tables designated for one or two. The baristas bring you your coffee, which is so sweet! What I recommend: Iced Toddy Cold Brew with Almond Milk and Hazelnut. About $4.50

Coffee Shop best COLOR

Espresso so good. Akserben Roast coffeehouse. This is the perfect spot for studying, going on pinterest, or both!

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