Class of 2017 Celebrates with Final Mass

Members of the Class of 2017 gathered in the west gym on the morning of Wednesday, May 17, to prepare to join in Eucharistic Celebration.  Like they had done on the day before for Senior Honors Day, the seniors put last minute touches on their caps to keep the bobby pins in place and fixed their white detachable collars on their gowns so that they would appear unified in appearance.  But, everyone in the other gym waiting for their procession, knew what was about to happen.

It was Day 2 of the shoe parade!  For Tuesday’s Honors Day event, many of the seniors on the soccer team wore their soccer cleats with their graduation gown. Some wore cowboy boots and one wore slippers.  But, most seniors were in the most colorful, most flamboyant high heels and sandals they could find.

For this second day, very few seniors wore the same shoes as yesterday, but some were giving their calves a break by wearing flatter heels.  A few girls were testing the shoes to figure out which would be best to wear for Graduation itself on Sunday afternoon.  These two events during the week had a captive audience in the gym’s solid surface, but on Sunday, the shoes would need to get them down the sloping floor of the Holland Center, up the stairs to the stage and eventually, across the slick wooden stage for the acceptance of a diploma.

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The Mass was planned by the senior members of Campus Ministry.  Seniors carried in the candles and Cross, read the Scriptures, lead the choir, created the petitions and served as Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion.

Worship Choir led the seniors and the congregation in the closing song. See and hear an excerpt below.


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