Growing up as a girl is hard because…

by Katherine Martin

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growingupgirls“I love women’s studies and history. Women’s stories get ignored sometimes, so I think it’s important to take time and tell their stories. I feel lucky that I’ve had a lot of people in my life to encourage me to try new things. I love teaching in an all-girls school; I went to a co-ed school and we often let the boys take charge and be the leaders. That doesn’t happen here.

If you see a girl being oppressed, don’t be afraid to call things how they are, if it’s sexist it’s sexist. We are lucky to live in the time we are in, but we shouldn’t take things for granted. It’s important to know the stories of the women who lived before us. Girls can find great strength through empowering each other.”

– Ms. Susie Sisson, literature and women’s studies teacher

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