New clubs at Marian help girls fulfill their interests


Students select their sundae toppings at the first ice cream celebration on Sept. 20.

A few new select club briefs by Anna Cook, Maria Determan, Hayley Golden, Abby McLaughlin & Julia Veik

Sundae Wednesday Club

Sundae Wednesday combines ice cream and a toppings bar with a scoop of service to form an easygoing, yet highly impactful club. Once a month, senior founders Ellie Messerschmidt, Morgan Hodges, Megan Doehner and Maria Determan will host a toppings bar during both lunches. Girls are encouraged to donate toppings, such as oreos or whipped cream, to expand the variety of sweet treats available! If girls would like to participate, all they have to do is buy ice cream from the lunch line, then enjoy the toppings bar for $1. The money collected each month will go directly towards the supplies necessary to host ice cream parties for the homeless children at the Stephen Center. Sept. 20 was the first ice cream celebration, which raised $260. All money not used to purchase ice cream will go toward Christmas presents and other necessities for the guests at the Stephen Center. The first ice cream party will be on Dec. 20 – the last day of finals – a perfect way to share a scoop of service!

Young Medicine Club


Ashley Goldsmith works at the sign up table for Young Medicine Club.

Young Medicine Club, formed by junior Katie Harris, is a newly created group for girlswho want to learn more about the medical field. The club will sponsor guest speakers, have internship and job shadowing opportunities and provide hands-on activities. Meetings will take place once or twice a month in the PAC, and are open to everyone. The club is great for those aspiring to be in the medical field.


Step Club

Marian’s Step Club is a great new way to get moving and express your individuality. Step


Nayah Mbilain and Nyayian Biel help promote Step Club at the club fair.

is a form of dance where you move your hands and feet to create beats. “It’s fun and it’s a new way to express yourself,” senior Davine Francis, creator of the club, said. No experience is necessary. The team is open to everyone, and meets every Friday morning in either room 312 or the lunch room. As of right now, the club is stepping for fun, but is open to doing competitions in the future.

Thespian Club

The curtain rises, the spotlight settles, there you are, standing center stage. Or maybe you are backstage, pulling up that curtain and getting props ready for the actors. Perhaps you are in the sound booth working the spotlights and cuing the sounds. No matter what

Thespian Club Picture

Emma Johnson gives an Improv example in the Dance Studio.

your theatrical forte, the Thespian Club, founded by sophomore Emma Johnson, will offer opportunities for you to practice acting and other skills related to theater. The club will offer five bi-monthly classes covering improvisation, stage design, stage movement and dancing, directing, acting and singing. The instructors are all local and the classes will take place on Fridays after school for at least one hour. It is a low stress club with unique chances to learn more about theater.



Marian Students for Life


Delaney Stekr, Grace Sall and Anna Kenney encourage pro-lifers to sign up for announcements and activities.

Marian Students for Life is ready to educate and live out the pro-life message to all girls interested. “We are trying to spread an awareness about the dignity of all human life and help people become educated on this human rights issue,” co-founder junior Anna Kenney said. The club plans to meet once a month, aside from service opportunities, in room 211. Possible activities for the club include fundraising, volunteering, guest speakers, educational opportunities and a potential trip to the March for Life in Lincoln and/or Washington D.C. “We can help support women, by helping women become aware of the incredible resources we have in our community to help women in need,” Kenny said. “Anyone and everyone is welcome to learn, pray and grow.”

Chess Club

Checkmate! The Chess Club is a new club formed by senior Tara O’Brien with social IMG_9182studies teacher Mr. David Anderson as the moderator. The club will meet every other Wednesday for about an hour in Mr. Anderson’s room (315). The first meeting will be on October 25. “I am excited that Marian students will have an opportunity to learn the game of chess as well as advance their skills. I am hoping a group of students will be interested in representing Marian in the local high school chess league. It is a wonderful, analytical, and exciting game,” Anderson said. Chess Club is great for those who love to play or for those who simply just want to learn the rules of a timeless source of entertainment.

Marian School of Rock

If you don’t want to rock n’ roll all night, but still want to rock, then join Marian School of Rock. For an hour or so once a month on Friday mornings, the club will meet in the Performing Arts Center band room. It is a stress-free extracurricular and gives students the chance to explore their musical talents. The club stresses inclusivity and welcomes anyone who loves to play or wants to learn to play an instrument, and those who love to


Caroline Drew and Anna Cook attract new members by providing a little music during Club Fair.

sing. “I’m really excited for the club, I think it’s gonna be great to see all the musical talent in Marian and just be able to play together,” junior co-founder Caroline Drew said. The goal for the club is to give students a set number of songs to learn and invite them to jam out and practice with the main band the club was based on, La Vie. La Vie is made up of all Marian girls: junior Caroline Drew (lead guitarist), senior Anna Cook (pianist), senior Lily Nelson (drummer), and senior Mia Soulliere (bassist). All of the girls love to sing and are excited to share their passion for music while having fun practicing with their Marian sisters.

Girls 4 Girls Club

When juniors Maria Piperis and Lily Blake realized there was no female empowerment


Lily Blake and Maria Piperis encourage all students to sign up for Girls 4 Girls.

club, they decided to start their own. “We recognized there was a real absence, and we were surprised that there wasn’t a club like this already,” Piperis said.

Even though this club has just started, they’ve already gotten a lot of good feedback. “We had about 120 girls sign up the club fair and about 30 more through the Google survey,” Blake said.

The club plans to do bi-monthly meetings, with affirmations, which are positive and self-empowering thoughts, and possible service work for the Lydia House or Girls, Inc.

Both Blake and Piperis can’t think of a reason not to join. “This club is centered around being nice. It has nothing to do with politics. We want girls to bring each other up and not down. We shouldn’t be competing with other girls,” Piperis said. At it’s core, the club is centered around equality and the idea of promoting a positive spirit in our community, regardless of any particular political ideology.


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