Abel, Steiner take on StuBo moderator roles

by Abby McLaughlin


Student Board, aka StuBo, is Marian’s student-led team that plans events for the whole school. These events include Walk-A-Thon, Welcome Dance, Surprise Day and many more. Along with new members on the board, there are also two new StuBo moderators: Ms. Jessica Abel, math tutor and basketball coach, and Mrs. Mary Steiner, assistant director of Student Services.

With this new change comes new re- sponsibilities. Both Abel and Steiner agree that the hardest part has been learning all the new skills necessary to accomplish each task effectively. “Mrs. Steiner and I have never been homeroom teachers, so it has been difficult with the oversights of things home- room teachers haven’t had,” Abel said.

Abel’s fa- vorite memory so far has been the Welcome Dance, but she thinks every- thing has been very enjoyable. Steiner’s best memory so far was seeing everyone pull together for Walk-a-Thon.


Ms. Jessica Abel and Mrs. Mary Steiner are ready to moderate the student leaders in Student Board.

What Abel and Steiner both enjoy about working with the girls is, in true Marian fashion, their willingness to work hard and act as true leaders.

“The best part about working with the girls is seeing their ideas come out. They think of really creative stuff. Both Welcome Dance and Walk-a-Thon themes were their ideas,” Abel said.

StuBo has meetings each week, and once a month they will meet with Principal Mrs. Susie Sullivan and the executive board. During the meetings they have designated time to talk about comments and concerns.

If a student has a comment or concern they want StuBo to cover, they are to tell a Class Officer. They will then tell a StuBo member to discuss and decide whether to pursue talking to Mrs. Sullivan and the executive board.

Neither Abel nor Steiner want to make any major changes to StuBo. “I don’t know if I want to change anything!” Steiner said and Abel agreed. “I want to get my feet wet first. Since it’s Student Board, I just want to make sure they’re being safe with their ideas. I want them to flourish,” Abel said.

All in all, this new change has been positive for the duo. They both agree that they really enjoy working together.

“I’m happy to have Ms. Abel as a co-moderator because we balance each other really well! We are both very detailed and organized,” Steiner said.

“I’m really excited for this year because it adds an extra avenue to the school for me of getting to know the students. Coaching basketball and math tutor have introduced me to a lot of girls but this has opened me to more,” Abel said.

The student body is ready for what these two have up their sleeves with upcoming StuBo events!

Club Randoms - 3stubo abel steiner

The night before WAT, Thursday, Sept. 28, Ms. Abel and Mrs. Steiner burned the midnight oil by re-counting and re-sorting the WAT t-shirts for each homeroom.  They didn’t want any mistakes to take time the next morning. 

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