Daubert triplets give new school three times the charm

by Audrey Yost

In the past, a set of twins roaming the halls of Marian has not been uncommon. Yet, this year a set of triplets transferred from Archbishop Bergan Catholic School in Fremont, Neb. for their junior year.


Seeing triple Daylee, Greely, and Bodie Daubert wore the same stylish jumpsuit when they were 5. The girls have fond memories of their shared style. Photo courtesy of the Daubert family. 

“Can you read each other’s minds?” is a question these sisters receive multiple times after people find out they are triplets. Sadly, that is not true; although, the life of a triplet is something that only few can relate to. With the help of the Daubert Triplets: Bodie, Greely and Daylee, we got the insight on what it’s really like to be a triplet. They were born just minutes apart; Greely first, Bodie second and Daylee a minute later.

Growing up, the girls’ mom insisted they wear the exact same outfit until they were nearly 8. They almost always wore the same shirts and jackets with matching pants. The girls still dress similarly today. This past year, the girls essentially wore the same prom dress—a two piece white crop top with different skirts.


All dolled up Daylee, Greely, and Bodie Daubert dressed up for their sophomore prom at Bergan. Even as teens, their mom still wants them to dress similarly. Photo courtesy of the Daubert family. 

All of the girls played volleyball this past year for Bergan. Daylee was also involved in cheer and Bodie on the dance and track team. While some may imagine it is difficult to share with a sibling, the girls grew up hanging with the same friend group, playing on the same sports teams and wearing the same outfits.

“When it comes to clothes, Daylee takes our clothes ALL the time! Bodie and I will come home with our clothes in her closet and then she’ll deny she took them,” Greely said.

While shopping, fighting over clothes can become a huge issue. “Well, if I want the shirt, and so does she, why should we get two of the same shirts? It doesn’t make sense,” Bodie said. They just end up taking each others clothes to solve that problem.

For their 16th birthday, their mom told them they were only going to get one car to share.

About two days before their birthday, they were asked to choose one color that they would pick for their car. On the day of their birthday, they came downstairs, kind of in a slump, expecting to see one car. But they walked out to three Jeep Wranglers!

The girls drew straws to decide who got which color car. “Bodie drives to school, I hate driving! My mom doesn’t let me drive to Omaha because I’m not the best driver,” Daylee said.

Boyfriends, boyfriends, boyfriends. Each of the girls have boyfriends; two in the military and one who is a senior and has applied to West Point. “My boyfriend grew up in a military family so it was kind of expected for him to join. He recruited Daylee’s boyfriend to join, too,” Bodie said. Daylee did have an ex boyfriend who wasn’t liked among the sisters.

“He bought me a cat as a present. My mom didn’t like him very much. The cat completely tore up my room; we had to get it checked to see if something was like wrong with it, but we ended up giving it away because it was crazy,” Daylee said.

When it comes to college, Daylee has thought they’ll all end up at the same college. “She asks us, ‘Well we went to high school together, so where are we gonna go next’?” Bodie said.

But Bodie says she thinks they’ll probably end up at different colleges finding their own path because they’re interested in different things. Bodie is fascinated with science and health, Daylee loves English and writing and Greely said she has yet to figure out what she wants to do.

The longest they have been apart was when Daylee and Bodie went to a gymnastics and cheer camp and Greely stayed at home. “I didn’t want to go because I don’t really like cheer and gymnastics,” Greely said. So she stayed home with her mom for about a week while the girls were at camp. Other than that, they are usually together.

“We never really get bored because there is always someone to hang out with,” Daylee said. The girls agreed they feel as if they have a similar sense of humor. Bodie said they wish one of the triplets was a boy because being a girl in a house with two other girls the same age can be competitive.

“We’ve competed a lot over grades; and it’s hard because you try to be the best so you’re constantly competing,” Bodie said. Even so, the girls love being triplets and say it’s always fun to have a friend.

The girls say they’re thriving at Marian because everyone has been so welcoming and nice. “I really like the opportunities there are, like Youth Medical Club because I really like health and science,” Bodie said.

The atmosphere has been great, and they love how they can roll out of bed bright and early and walk out the door without worrying about makeup.

“All of the girls are super inviting and nice,” Greely said.

Marian is a big switch considering it’s all girls, but the Daubert sisters say they have loved it so far.

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