Groovin’ on the Green; Marian golf team is far from sub ‘par’

WEB EXCLUSIVE UPDATE:  The Golf Team was honored at a Pep Rally on Friday, Oct. 6.  Their state tournament begins on Monday, Oct. 9 at the Norfolk Country Club.


Follow the tournament with links from the NSAA.

Monday’s Tee Times: Scarlett at 9:30, Ava at 9:40, Mia at 9:50, Mary at 10, Jalea at 10:10.

Network story by Shannon McSweeney

To some sports fans, golf isn’t exactly known as the most exciting sport around. Many people assume it’s mostly soft clapping and staying quiet during tee off. The Marian golf team proves this stereotype wrong.

“We have a lot of fun, and meets are always exciting,” sophomore Chloe Herbert said. Herbert has been a part of the junior varsity golf team since her freshman year.

Even though she’s only been on the team for two years, she still knows all about the team’s traditions.


All smiles JV and Varsity pose for their team picture in the West Gym. Coach Robert Davis and Coach Connie Cavel join the team with pleasure.

“We have a team get-together before the season starts, and we always watch ‘The Short Game,’ it’s this movie about little kids playing golf. We love it,” Herbert said.

The team is coached by head coach Mr. Robert Davis and assistant coach Ms. Connie Cavel. Cavel does everything she can to help the team, including blessing everyone before an invite.

“If we don’t have time to say a prayer, Ms. Cavel walks around the course and does a little blessing over all of us before we start,” Herbert said.

Even the most exciting sports have a hard time making practice more exciting than just repetitive drills, but the coaches find a way to make it fun, while helping improve each girl’s skills.

“Every practice ends with a game, with teams of golfers trying to chip or putt for points. The teams that reach their points get to leave, while the other golfers have to stay and keep going,” Coach Davis said.


Freshman fairway Maddie Fitzgibbons stands after hitting. She competed at Benson Park in the JV Dual against Millard West on Sept. 24. Photo courtesy of Allison Martin.

The golf team is a tight-knit group of 10 girls in all, and they say they love it when the Marian community comes to invites and tournaments and supports them.

The team doesn’t always get a huge student section because they compete on weekdays from 8:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.

The team makes up for it by supporting each other and trying their hardest to get the lowest score, because medals and trophies aren’t the only prize for winning an invite; the team ends their competition by getting a victory snack.

“When we play well as a team, coaches take the golfers to Dairy Queen for Blizzards,” Davis said.

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