Marian students keep up with accessories

by Lily Watkins

Screen Shot 2017-10-10 at 1.26.43 PMEven with Marian’s strict dress code policy, some students are still able to make their stiff royal blue plaid uniforms their own. Students can wear necklaces, bracelets, earrings, barrettes and nail polish among other items. For those that came from a private grade school, it is a breath of fresh air.Common uniform personalizations include popped collars, pencils or pens in button holes and a mess of scrunchies. Among the unique folks who do so, there are still individuals who take it one step further.

For example, this past summer junior Quinn Ruff went on a service trip to Ghana. While there, she made necklaces with locals.

The necklaces themselves are very vibrant; students can see them halfway down the hallway. The beads, which are strung on the necklace, are made from crushed glass bottles and are designed then fired in a kiln.

She wears the necklaces because she wants to “keep Ghana and the memories close to me. The relationships I made with the Ghanaian children are forever in my heart,” Ruff said. The necklaces are near her heart, as are the Ghanaian children.

Private grade schools are often much more stringent than private high schools. Victoria Roubidoux, a freshman who attended Saint Margaret Mary, confirms as much. She was fined a total of $20 for repeatedly wearing nail polish. She recognizes that continuing to do it may have been silly, but she did have to pay for the fines herself when she was only in sixth grade.

Roubidoux is quite happy with Marian’s stance on uniform personalization. “Who was so distracted by my pale pink nail polish? When I came to Marian
I was so glad that I could have nail polish on and not have to pay

money and remove it,” Roubidoux said.

But as for those that went to a public grade school, how do they feel? Marian’s dress code is actually “more reasonable and easier to follow,” sophomore Isabella Pantano said. She previously attended Kiewit Middle School.

Pantano said she prefers Marian’s dress code because it is much easier to get dressed in the morning. “I love uniforms, it takes me like two minutes to get ready,” Pantano said. There’s no worry about wearing the same thing as someone else—it happens every day.

Marian not only fosters leadership in the young woman that attend, but creativity and individuality as well. The opinions and styles of students are embraced and supported. Students show their individuality in all aspects of life; even something as simple as uniform personalization.

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