Coding class creates new components, prepares for competition

by Maggie Prosser

“01000011 01001111 01000100 01001001 01001110 01000111 00100001,” a coding student said. Most people wouldn’t recognize this string of numbers as the word “coding.” However, this is normal lingo for the Block H coding class of one junior and seven seniors.

“It’s a very laid back class which I love, and I’ve learned so much about computers and the language that I had no clue about before,” senior Franny Tvrdik said.

Coding is a semester long class taught with AP approved curriculum. However, the class only makes it through half the material. Genoways hopes to offer a year long course of coding in the future so she can focus on the two main computer programming systems. At this time, there isn’t room in the schedule for a year long class.


Coding class (From top left to bottom right) Jessica Sahm ’18, McKenzie Blaine ’18, Monica Huse ’19, Colby Lemkau ’18, Franny Tvrdik ’18, Emily Braun ’18, Evelyn Paul ’18 and Makayla Sedlacek ’18

“What interested me to take coding was the whole idea of learning how to make an app. That really fascinated me,” Tvrdik said.

In the short amount of time the class has been working with coding, they have all managed to create a soundboard, which is an app that plays various sounds when different buttons are pushed.

“I created a soundboard based on the Cartoon Network show ‘Chowder.’ It was one of my favorite TV shows when I was a kid, and the characters have funny catch phrases so I thought it would make a good soundboard. My favorite part of the soundboard was the fact that I could say that I made it myself. It may seem simple for the person using the soundboard, but when you realize how much effort is put into making it work, you appreciate the results a lot more,” senior McKenzie Blaine said.

The class even got to disassemble a broken computer to see the inner workings of the computer.


Designing apps Makayla Sedlacek ’18 and Evelyn Paul ’18 create personalized applications using the program App Inventor 2.

“With destroying the computer, not only did we see how a computer functions, but you also begin to realize things like why Macs and other computers don’t have a CD port anymore. It takes up so much space,” junior Monica Huse said.

For the first time in school history, a team of six girls will be competing at the University of Nebraska Omaha Coding Competition on Dec. 8. The competition lasts about four hours. Girls attending the competition include Emilee Braun, Evelyn Paul, Makayla Sedlacek, Franny Tvrdik, Colby Lemkau and McKenzie Blaine.

The competition will be conducted Quiz Bowl style. For example, the girls will be given a list of binary numbers and they will have to decode the message.

All metro schools are invited to UNO’s competition. Generally the teams are male-dominated. Creighton Prep and Mount Michael attend this competition regularly, obviously bringing only boys. The class is excited to see what other schools will have female contestants. Marian is the only all-girls high school that offers a specific coding class.

There is a possibility the team will compete in more competitions during second semester.


Soundboard process McKenzie Blaine ’18 works on her ‘Chowder’ themed soundboard. 

Overall, the whole class came to the consensus that everyone should take coding.

“I think everyone should take it because it is hands on, your creativity is free to show, Dr. Genoways is an amazing teacher and you have real world applications to it,” Huse said.

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