Finding peace within ‘The mind is everything… what you think, you become’

by Allison Ostapowicz

A healthy, positive mindset means an overall happy well-being.


graphic by Sofy Herrera

Peacefulness is the most important aspect to a person’s life. We were put on this universe to live a life that WE want, to do activities and be surrounded by people that make us happy.

Humans choose their own destinies, it’s all up to our actions and how we view life.

A big part of life that gets in the way of happiness is stress.

Dealing with stress can be very difficult but it is possible. The most important thing you can to do is sit down, take some deep breaths and tell yourself “It will be okay. Whatever I need to do, I will get it done and everything will be okay.”

If you tell yourself this, the reality will soon come to life.

Make a checklist, plan out your day or week and write what you need to accomplish. Write positive messages on these checklists as well such as “Be Happy.” or “You’re Beautiful.” Also make sure to add things to do that will help with your well-being, such as “Go eat a snack.”, “Listen to your favorite band and dance.” and most importantly, “Go take a walk and appreciate nature.”

Adding meditation to your life can help deal with stress and improve mental health immensely.

Meditation can range anywhere from five minutes to endless hours.

First, sit or lie down and close your eyes. Play peaceful music

in the background (for example, the song “Myth” by Beach House)Take multiple deep breaths and find your happy place. Block out all thoughts (especially negative thoughts) and let your soul take your brain to beautiful places. It’s extremely surprising discovering the mindsets you can reach and the things you can see when you find complete inner peace. The universe will speak to and through you in more ways than imaginable. You just have to allow it to happen by taking the time out of each day.

To live a happy life you must have respect for yourself, people and nature. These three things tie together. You cannot respect one and not another. You must respect a tree or flower just as kindly as you would your own family.

You cannot spread peace and positivity in this beautiful universe without finding it within yourself. All answers truly do come from within. You must fight the enemy that might form inside of you. If you always think positive and are kind to others, good karma will help fight the enemy as well.

“We are what we think, all that we are arises with our thoughts, with our thoughts we make the world.” -Buddha.

Spread peace and kindness in our world and always remember that everything happens for a reason, so allow everything to happen. Don’t fight it, embrace it, and you will find inner peace.

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