I love beef and gettin’ beefed up

by Hailie Rydel

HAILIE COLORI am a lover of meat. I love eating meat and I love getting beefed up. I have no idea how vegetarians go through life without consuming the delicacy that is meat.

Of course, everyone is completely entitled to go without indulging in a medium rare slab of beef, but I can’t understand why anyone would.

Let me tell you why omnivorism is the way to go.

The consumption of meat plays a vital role in the growth and repair of muscle. While not completely essential, it provides protein needed to grow muscle

and build functional strength. Meat is nutrient-dense and contains essential vitamins such as zinc and iron. Your body must be properly nourished with protein in order to make muscular gains. If it isn’t properly nourished, all of the work you put into at the gym will be practically pointless.

We as humans are hardwired to consume meat. There is not a single primal civilization that could have survived without eating meat. Our genes were developed before the creation of grain and wheat, therefore our bodies perform in an optimal state while consuming meat. It will be several more years before our bodies evolve to digest and effectively make use of the consumption of grain.

A lesser known fact about meat eating is that it provides crucial amino acids that we need for our brains to function at an optimal level. Individuals who follow a diet that does not entail meat protein are more prone to  have an imbalance of neurotransmitters. This imbalance makes them more vulnerable to mental illnesses such as depression or anxiety.

Meat is truly a delicacy that we should not deprive ourselves of.

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