Landscaping flourishes for 14 years with Dr. Zach

by Maggie Prosser


Landscaping Picture

Lovely landscaping Pumpkins from the new pumpkin patch stand out. For the Autumn season, Dr. Terry Zach placed pumpkins around the Marian Campus. Photo by Hayley Golden.

“I’m not going to complain about the flowers. I’m going straight to Ms. Kish to see if I can plant some,” Marian dad Dr. Terry Zach said back in 2006. He felt that Marian’s campus should have a better visual appeal to really showcase the amazing people and resources on the inside. So he went to Ms. Elizabeth Kish, Marian’s Head of School at the time. Dr. Zach had two daughters graduate from Marian; one in 2001, Katie, and one in 2007, Clare.

He initially had this idea in 2001, when the current library was being built. Zach was helping to fundraise for the new library, so he was up at Marian quite a bit. He thought Marian didn’t stand out enough from the outside.


The man behind the landscaping Dr. Terry Zach works with Ms. Rochelle Rohlfs in June of 2013 at a Campus Cleanup Day.  Zach has landscaped for 14 years.

Zach started with the front statue of Mary by planting flowers around her, which received positive feedback. His real work started in 2003, when he started frequently coming to Marian to help out with landscaping.

Fourteen years later Zach still helps the school bloom with beauty. He’s not a professional gardener by any means, but he does have a good eye for landscaping. He usually comes to Marian about two to three times a week in the spring and summer. During the colder months he visits less. In previous winters, he has experimented with indoor plants, but found it more work than it was worth because of unpredicted frosts.

When Zach can’t be at Marian to water plants he has the help of Kevin Adcock and Tim Eoriatti who help with maintenance around Marian.

This year he experimented with pumpkins in the front of the school.

LS Backup 3“I was really surprised when I saw the pumpkins. My step-grandma thought it was the cutest idea ever,” senior Lauren Rosenthal said. Zach hinted that there may be a pumpkin patch down by the shed near the track next year due to the construction that will be happening with the renovation.

He thinks his next project will include landscaping around the track and by the field house. “It needs some work,” Zach said.

“Marian is fortunate to have Dr. Zach as our landscape expert. Our school grounds continue to be enhanced by his keen eye for plants, flowers and vegetation. We are so grateful for him and his talents,” Assistant Principal and Athletic Director Ms. Rochelle Rohlfs said.

Marian has the potential to depict on the outside the hard work we put in on the inside.

LS Backup 2

“We are blessed with an incredible amount of space that even some college campuses would be jealous of,” Zach said.

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