Operation Others is gOOd for the soul

by Abby McLaughlin

Operation Others (OO) is a city-wide high school-led community of students and helpful, caring adults that help provide food to families in need. It is composed of seven of high schools, which include Marian, Creighton Prep, Duchesne, Mercy, Skutt, Roncalli and Mount Michael. While each school may run their club differently, they all have a common goal: to help the community.


Yes we can Senior Grace Hahler picks up a bag of donated canned good. The Operation others team collected over 1000  food items.

The core team members from every school have weekly meetings at Prep. At  these meetings,they discuss future events and the background work needed to complete them. At the end of sophomore year, anyone can apply to be on core team. “It helps to participate at the events and go to the meetings. You can apply either way,” junior Abby McGill said.

OO’s most recent event was the Trick-Or-Treat for Cans.

On Oct. 24, students from each school came together in the Saint Margaret Mary neighborhood to collect cans while wearing costumes. In total, 1676 food items were donated. This event provided new members a glimpse into what being an OO member is like. “This wasn’t my first OO event, but I still thought it was fun. It showed how people can come together for a good cause,” sophomore Emma Garriott said.

OO’s main event is their Christmas delivery week. Families will call in and request a box. “It’s my favorite part of delivery week,” junior Sarah Gerards said. The weekend-long process starts with the packing day and ends with delivery day.

The cans from the October event go towards the boxes the families receive in December. Also included in the boxes are a turkey, milk, bread, produce, PB&J and canned soup. Each family will also receive a Christmas card made by an OO member. “Delivery day is my favorite event because you get to see all of your hard work be paid off by the happiness the food brings to the families,” senior Kylie Champion said.

“I like OO because I get to connect with the Omaha community. You aren’t just giving money to a cause, you’re going and personally helping those in need in,” Creighton Prep senior Danny Kirchoffer said. Through can donations, peanut butter and jelly drives and helpful students, Operation Others provides not only food to those in need, but also a strong bond between Omaha high school students.


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