Insight into Marian’s gym classes

By J1 reporter Abby Butler


By the time each student graduates from Marian, she has to have completed 2 different gym courses. The sometimes dreaded idea of taking a gym class is lessened by the many options Marian provides.

Marian offers a wide spectrum of gym courses. All of the classes help promote healthy habits and a healthy lifestyle. Throughout the school year, five different physical education courses are offered: Team Sports, Dual Sports, Lifetime Fitness, Weight Training and Conditioning, and Women’s Health.  If a student would like to free up her schedule during the school year, two courses are offered to choose from in the summer: Fit for Life and Lifetime Sports.

Team Sports is a class geared towards competitive students. No skills are required, but the course covers physical sports such as basketball, volleyball, soccer, and floor hockey. “I wanted to take a class that was “fun” and I have always played sports like volleyball, so this felt like perfect class,” junior Bailey Hanus said. Throughout the semester, students taking this class will learn the rules of each game and get the chance to play.

Dual and Individual Sports is for students who want a better knowledge and chance to play sports other than team sports. Bowling, golf, and tennis are a few of the units introduced.

6_5MKbocceball - 25group photo
Lifetime Sports summer gym class gets ready to a play a game of Bocce ball. Photo by Mrs. Kalkowski.

Lifetime Fitness is offered to show students the importance of being physically active and activities that can be done at all ages. The class provides an opportunity to try new things such as aerobics and pilates, as well as play games such as ultimate frisbee and bocce ball.  This class focuses more on a healthy lifestyle rather than contact sports compared to other classes.

Weight Training and Conditioning is for those who want to be physically challenged. This class teaches about muscles and introduces the student into strength and circuit training. This class, designed for motivated students, runs and weight lifts weekly.

Women’s Health is a course offered to teach about a women’s physical and mental health. This course is taught in the classroom mostly, instead of the gym. By taking this class, students will learn about healthy habits and the wellness of a woman’s body. Throughout the semester, the class welcomes many guest speakers and completes several projects.

Fit for Life and Lifetime Sports are two gym classes offered in the summer. A student who takes either of the classes, will have class Monday through Friday mornings for the month of June. “The smaller classes made it easy to get to know everyone […] and I liked having a variety of sports,” junior Mary Eckert said. In Fit for Life, students learn CPR, the values of being active, and a variety of recreational sports and activities. Lifetime Sports is the class for students who like physical activity and playing games. This class covers team, dual, and individual sports.

Marian’s various gym classes offered give students options on how they can fulfill their class requirements. Each class has a specific focus. No matter what class a student takes, all the physical education courses provide an insight to a healthy and active future.


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