Marian’s Digital Wall showcases success

By J1 Reporter Madison Bezousek


Marian has always been known as a powerhouse for girls Class A sports. It is no surprise that the athlete “Wall of Fame” was packed full of girls in a variety of sports with records and titles held for decades. As you scanned the wall from bottom to top you could see history, whether it was the variety of hairstyles or the evolution of sport uniforms, it was evident that Marian has always had athletes to boast about. “It was cool that you could see athletes you looked up to and it was a sense of pride that you could go through the same athletic  program as they did. It will be hard for girls to look up the athletes that have came through Marian and the records and titles they hold.” junior Emily Bressman said.

For years Marian athletes have strived to have their picture be put up on the brick wall outside of the East gym. All types of sports were featured and records and titles were displayed below the picture. “I’m kinda sad about it,” junior Kayla Gornall said. “It reminded me of all the hard work I put in and it made me feel special. Both my sisters were on the wall for swimming and this honor was something special that we shared. Now that I am not swimming I wish I had this reminder of what I contributed while I was on the team.”

Marian has decided to go for a more simplistic “Wall of Fame” and has taken down all of the plaques with the athletes’ photos. As you walk down the quad steps you now see the brick wall with a custom blue background featuring the silhouettes of athletes performing their specific sport.


Marian’s Digital Wall outside of the East Gym. Photo by Madison Bezousek. 

In front of this background is a monitor that has a constant slideshow of photos from both past and present seasons. Currently, most sports and activities are broadly featured and the slideshow will evolve as fall, winter, and spring sports end and begin their seasons. This new change for Marian may take some getting used to, but the student body puts trust into the new setup hoping that a positive outcome will result. 

One response to “Marian’s Digital Wall showcases success

  1. Way to stay positive! This is an issue that many people have very strong opinions on, but you handled it very neutrally…great job!


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