Math Club members celebrate Pi while helping others

By J1 reporter Maria Alessandro


When it comes to numbers, Marian’s Math Club members are quite the enthusiasts. Throughout the year, Math Club has had numerous meetings where they do fun number games, pretest for Mathlete events, and other topics to make math as fun as it can be. Numbers may not seem very interesting, but with the help of the club moderator Miss Megan Han, also a current math teacher at Marian, and the presidents, seniors Morgan Hodges, Sofy Herrera, and Julia Hingorani their meetings are never dull.

One of Math Club’s recent events was a “Pi” bake sale. Everyone at Marian loves a good dessert, and it was a perfect way to promote Math Club. By incorporating the famous pi number, 3.141592…, Math Club decided a pi themed bake sale with only pie would be successful while still incorporating a math pun.

FullSizeRender (1)

On Nov. 15, Math Club’s Pi bake sale occurred where numerous pies, and even drinks were available to purchase from Marian Math Club members. Photo by Maria Alessandro

The bake sale occurred on Nov. 15 and went on all throughout the day. About 45 pies were brought in by students in the Math Club and by Han’s math class students as well. A variety of pies were available: cherry, pumpkin, apple, chocolate, and more. The pies ranged from store bought to homemade, appealing to all the students who purchased a slice of pie that day for $1 per per slice.

Besides having the opportunity to eat a variety of desserts throughout the school day, some of Han’s students received another perk from the bake sale. “I wasn’t sure how many people from Math Club would to be able to bring in stuff [pies], so then I asked my classes to bring in stuff and gave them a couple extra bonus points if they did,” Han said. Han wanted to make sure the bake sale was a success, so she encourage all of her math classes to bring in a pie and receive a few extra credit points.

This “Pi” bake sale wasn’t organized just to bring provide good desserts for the students and give bonus points, the proceeds of the bake sale were actually going to be donated. After the bake sale, it was calculated that more than $300 was made. “They [the officers] were going to donate their proceeds to the Operation Others Turkey Drive, and then they decided – ended up actually just donating to the Peanut Butter and Jelly Drive because that was here at school and easier to coordinate with,” Han said. Operation Others, a club at Marian that focuses on service throughout Omaha, hosted both drives, so the proceeds were still given to Operation Others.

Marian’s Math Club, always excited about numbers, not only had a successful bake sale with their love of pi, but also had the opportunity to help their fellow Marian students and the Omaha community.


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