Senior anatomy class puts learning into action

By J1 reporter Lizzie Byrne


The best way to learn is to put your skills into action. On Monday, Dec. 4 and Tuesday, Dec. 5 the Marian Anatomy and Physiology classes visited the donor cadaver lab in the Boyne Dental Building on Creighton University’s campus. Anatomy and Physiology teacher Mrs. Linda Brock took 72 girls to Creighton to work hands on in a lab.


Senior anatomy students, on Monday, Dec. 4, smile before entering the cadaver lab at Creighton University. Photo by Maggie Prosser

When the students first arrived at Creighton, they learned about organ donors and how the process of organ donation works. Next, they were taught the rules of the lab. The students split up into groups to inspect cadavers. Students pointed out interesting things such as brains, lungs, hearts and replaced knee caps. “My favorite part was holding the heart and the brain,” senior Delaney Gunn said.

“For the most part they [the students] are just very surprised at what they see and how it all fits together,” Brock said.

After examining the bodies, students were allowed to ask the Creighton students that were there and the professors questions. “I learned what things actually look like because they are different than in the textbook,” Gunn said.  For some girls, the trip can be eye-opening. They may realize that they are not as comfortable with anatomy as they thought they were. On the other hand, they may decide that the intricacies of the human body are worth more studying.

Marian is one of only two high schools able to go on this trip. Brock, who taught Anatomy at Central High School for 14 years and has been teaching at Marian for five years, has been taking her students on this trip for 15 years. “Kids usually love it, they’re thinking it was worth it. Even if they didn’t really like it they realize how special it is,” Brock said.

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