Student Mathletes, Stay on the Grind

By J1 reporter Joey Carollo


On Nov. 16, a group of 26 Marian students and two teachers accompanied by the Mercy Mathletes, took a bus to the University of Nebraska Lincoln for the school’s annual UNL Math Day. Each student participated in an exam and a few students competed in the math bowl competition.

After arrival, each student took the Probe I Exam, this exam contained 25 questions and students had an hour to finish and were not able to use calculators. The test was difficult and many students participated. After everyone finished, the math bowl competition took place. Marian’s math bowl team consisted of Cammy Gregor ‘18, Abby McGill ‘19, and Tayla McWilliams ’20. The alternates for the team were Dakara Cooper ‘18, Delaney Gunn ’18, and Katelyn Malick ‘20.

Marian’s math bowl team competed in four rounds. With two losses and two victories, the girls were pleased. Emma Williams ‘19, one of the students who attended math day said, “I thought the day was really fun! We cheered on our team which was exciting, but also just as stressful as state volleyball.”


Marian’s Math Club after a fun, math filled day at the University of Nebraska Lincoln on the annual UNL Math Day. Photo Submitted. 

At the end of the day, Marian’s math bowl team placed seventh out of 18 schools in their division, and even more exciting, junior Abby McGill ‘19 placed 94th out of more than 1,400 participants at UNL’s math day.

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