Conquering the ACT with Marian’s Preparation

By J1 Reporter Hannah Bena

Clara Kidder ’19 fills out a Scantron sheet as she takes a practice ACT assessment.

     Standardized testing can be extremely stressful for any high school student, just ask any upperclassman. Luckily for students, Marian requires the junior class to participate in ACT preparation courses. Prep courses can increase one’s score tremendously, or they may not affect them at all. Most students will say that the prep courses indeed helped them, but it depends on the type of person he or she is.

   Mrs. Jennifer Christen, Dean of Student Services at Marian, organizes the test preparation courses, or Three Moms and a Test, here at Marian. The juniors will be taking the courses on: Friday, March 16, Friday, March 23, and Wednesday, March 28 from 8-11 a.m. in the PAC. “It is always helpful to take the ACT before taking any prep courses to see where you stand and to discover your weaknesses so you know what to study,” Christen said.

    There are many at-home preparations for one to take the ACT, such as online courses through Naviance or Khan Academy and the physical workbook itself. “Some girls take the test without any studying, but some also study a little before taking their first ACT,” Christen said. She also said students need to become familiar and comfortable with the test because chances are, they will need to take it more than once.

    Students also need to take advantage of the ACT practice problems that their teachers have them do in class. All juniors will take a practice ACT on Friday January 19, so students might as well take those practice problems seriously, as it could improve their test taking abilities. Whether or not students study a lot or a little, Christen is confident that all the girls have the ability to succeed on the test.

      If any sophomores are curious about taking the ACT next year, don’t worry, all sophomores are required to take a practice ACT, or PACT, while the juniors are taking their prep course on March 16. The freshman class will have the day off of school while the senior class is on retreat that day.  

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