Counselor Mrs. Fisher gives guidance on college applications

By J1 Reporter Aileen Zitek

Senior year in high school is often all about college. Preparing for college, looking at your ACT scores, deciding what you are interested in, what you want to major in; but most importantly, where you want to attend and spend the next


The Student Services Office at Marian helps with the college application process.

four years. In order to get into college, you have to apply, and there are different ways to do this.

The guidance counselors at Marian
help guide students in this process.
“Before you even start applying to a
school, do research on it, find outdifferent majors the school offers, and if any interest you, then understand if it is smart to use the common application or to apply directly,” guidance counselor Mrs. Joanne Fisher said.

The common application is an all around universal college application. Some colleges look for this, others do not. “College applications usually are a very long process. That is what we are here for, and encourage girls to start them early their senior year,” Fisher said. The time for admittance is anywhere from four to six weeks, or about a month. Sometimes it just depends on the student or the school.

“As underclassmen, take opportunities to visit colleges when you can, do research on colleges that interest you, get involved at Marian, try your best in school and ask people for advice on how they made their college decisions. Marian provides many great resources, a couple of which are the PSAT and the ACT prep course ‘Three Moms and a Test’ which are great for the ACT and to get familiar with the testing,” Fisher said.

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