Drop and Give Me Zen: Why Yoga Club is the perfect start to your morning

By J1 Reporter Emma Schafer

Namastay….in the dance studio? Absolutely! One of the most gratifying clubs at Marian, is the Yoga Club. Yoga Club meets a couple times a month, on Wednesdays in the dance studio.

Girls are encouraged to come as they focus on basic meditation, yoga poses, and just relaxation. School can be hard, but yoga club is the perfect club to attend to release those negative vibes rushing through your body. The best part of this club is you don’t have to have any experience with yoga! They practice very basic exercises and guided meditation. You are encouraged to bring a friend, and just have fun.

Girls trying to find balance as they focus on ‘The Warrior Pose’.

Ms. Kathy Janata has been moderating the club since the fall of 2015, and has loved it ever since. “I started moderating this club because Julia Hingorani ‘18 and Shruthi Kumar ‘20 wanted to start it. Since the kids wanted to do it, I gladly was willing help out.” She raves about both student moderators, as they have had outstanding leadership. 

As they have scheduled guests to come teach the class, created club shirts, and have even lead the class themselves. “Without a doubt, best club leaders I have ever had in all of my time here at Marian. They have just been fantastic,” Janata said.

According to Janata, the response to Yoga Club has been great, maybe better than expected. “They’ve sold so many shirts already and for girls to come that early, is a real commitment. It is really awesome to see,” Janata said.

Even if you aren’t a member, Yoga Club is open to anyone! According to U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, studies show that doing yoga can improve your quality of life. It is an easy way to slow down, relieve stress, and get in tune with yourself. As well as a way of relaxation, yoga can be a fun way to exercise. Any soreness in your body, might be cured by some yoga. Try it out, you might love it!

Feeling stressed with school and finals? Don’t miss the last meeting of the semester! Head over to the dance studio on Wednesday, Dec. 20 at 7:10 a.m.


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