Finals Study Seminar sets up students for success

By J1 Reporter Caitlyn Virgillito

Final semester exams cause high amounts of stress for every student, Marian girls especially. The constant desire for perfection and success can be overwhelming and is apparent in every student. Students study, but are they studying efficiently?


Students intently listening to the advice given at the seminar.

Fortunately, the Learning Services Coordinator, Mrs. Pricilla Trecek is here to help. She works with students on study skills and creating academic success. On Dec. 1, Ellie Messerschmidt ‘18 and Trecek hosted a finals study seminar in the collaboration room. The seminar covered the finals schedule and included useful tips and tricks on how to study efficiently for semester exams.

Organization and time management are the most vital undertakings to successfully conquer finals. Staying organized will aid students in prosperous study sessions. Many students are overwhelmed with the amount of work given to them and the little amount of time to finish the work load but, notably managing the time given will make completing the tasks reasonable. Balancing classes’ study times equally is not always the best idea. Spend the most time on the most strenuous classes then spend the rest of the time on easier classes, Trecek explained.

It is especially important that students take care of their mental and physical health while studying before finals. “Work out during finals, it increases endorphins that will make you happier! … it’s super important to get a lot of sleep, it will keep you more alert and relaxed,” Messerschmidt said.

Eating a well-balanced diet is also a necessity to stay healthy and lively. Although finals are stressful, it’s important to not get discouraged. It can be a long and tedious process to study for numerous exams but stay positive because all the work will pay off in the end, Messerschmidt expressed.   

“Remember to be conservative and reasonable about the demands you place on yourself,” Trecek said. After a hectic few weeks of preparing and taking finals, enjoy Christmas break, celebrate with friends and family, and know that a great deal of challenges were overcome this semester.

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