Immigrating into the topics of International Issues

By J1 Reporter Jolie Peal

From the moment students walk into room 305, a picture greets them to begin the International Issues class at Marian High School. The 13 students in the one semester course discuss topics varying from immigration to the Middle East to human rights.

Mrs. Katy Salzman has the privilege of teaching the class. She has brought in 3 speakers so far for the class to listen to, Dr. Tom Kelly and “Koshin” Christopher Cain being two of them. Dr. Tom Kelly, a Theology professor at Creighton University, came during their Immigration unit. “What’s interesting is that the more you find out about [immigration] the more complex it is. You meet the many different sides of the story and realize that [immigration] is a very complex question,” Salzman said.

Salzman can tell the students have more knowledge in international topics since the start of the course, especially with their reaction to Kelly. “When you put a human face onto some of these issues it opens your eyes to another dimension.”


The International Issues Class of 13 students celebrates the world they have learned about all semester. Photo by Macy Salerno.

Through teaching the class, Salzman has been able to stay on her toes about issues in the world. “It helps me keep up with the news. It helps me tie the news in with the history I teach.” She knows that by keeping up with the news, she can relate what all her students (even her other classes) learn to the real world, which is important for students when understanding what they learn in the class.  

“There is always new things to learn in the field of international issues,” Salzman said. The world is constantly changing. New fields of study come up every day. This class will have no shortage of topics because there will always be something more to learn about with so many different issues.

Each lesson uses primary sources and debates to learn more about the current topic of study. While the rest of the school is learning about equations and matrices, room 305 will continue to debate the picture on the board, because they know it will lead to learning more about the world around them.

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