Mr. Miller’s Marian Experience: Chapter One

By J1 Reporter Tomi Huber

Nick Miller began the journey of his teaching career as a science teacher at the beloved Marian High School. Although it wasn’t a priority to teach at a Catholic school, he is happy to be in an environment where religion is not only able to be expressed but also encouraged. He also has significant appreciation for the students.

“You are all very kind and respectful, and I appreciate that as someone who is still getting used to what it’s like being a teacher instead of a student,” Miller said. He also admires how the students care about their school work and want to do well. The staff has also been a great help to him as a new teacher. He constantly receives aid from the other teachers, especially the ones within the science department who give him ideas for his classes. “Mrs. Tunink has been great for chemistry ideas. She does all sorts of labs, and I’m like, ‘Oh, hey, could you send me that lab?’ And we talk about it. And she already has everything out, so I can just borrow everything from her; and that’s been really helpful,” Miller said.


Mr. Miller’s first teaching ID card. 

The only troubles he has had so far this year are bringing down the volume of an energetic class and time management with grading homework. “I am still trying to work out a balance of leaving feedback for the students on what they’re doing well or not doing well; but at the same time, not spending hours grading homework every night because I don’t want to burn myself out by doing that,” Miller said. He has only had a few embarrassing moments as a first time teacher. “There have been a few times where I am writing a problem on the board and I’ll just completely write the wrong number or I will write something and step back and look at it and be like “no, that’s wrong,” Miller said. This is just the beginning of Miller’s experience, and he will learn more and more as he continues his new career.



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