Pugtastic Senior Looks Woofderdul in Dog Costume

By J1 Reporter Audrey Otwell

“It was like an aggressively warm onesie.” A Marian senior described the moment she trapped herself in a sweltering dog costume, all in the woof-derful name of The Best of Omaha Festival, held at Baxter Arena on Nov. 5.


     If you’re anything like senior Julia Veik, you really like dogs…and a little bit of extra cash, so when asked by Mrs. Michelle Delisi to help out with the show at Baxter, you’d say yes. Walking in, you see booths galore. A convention-style showcase, the event was created to display the best-rated businesses of Omaha. You hear talk of a Puppy Pageant, new to the festival, and are excited for the day ahead.

    Then, they show you your suit. You hope that you can help with the pageant, but much to your dismay, the smelly outfit in front of you reminds you more of a locker-room from a bad sitcom, not a rottweiler runway.

    The furry and warm mascot was designed for a man that is 6’3. Veik is 5’4. Things went wrong when she began getting into costume, the gloves only had four fingers, she was already sweating, and the fan meant to supply her with sweet, fresh oxygen was not working. Persevering through the next two hours, Veik smiled for photos with giddy little kids, excitedly pointing people in the right direction, and even had a small child dab in her direction.

     “It was torture… I was dying inside of the dog costume, but I got paid,” Veik said. Keeping in good spirits, Veik still learned from her afternoon in a personal sauna. She recommends her friends attend the event to learn more about advertising, business entrepreneurship, and for the delightful chance to see some adorable pooches. Veik said she was recruited by Delisi because of her interest in being a veterinarian and because of her involvement in mime troupe. She is emphatic that she will NOT EVER be wearing the costume again.


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