Running Club offers a motivational way to stay in shape

By J1 Reporter Caroline Drew

“Running motivates you,” freshman Molly Griffin said. “It’s a really hard battle between your body and mind.” She would know. Griffin not only ran on Marian’s Cross Country team this year, but she chose to continue running alongside many of her Cross Country teammates with Marian’s Running Club.

Running Club is a new addition to Marian this year thanks to senior Maggie Prosser and club moderators Mrs. Aleecia Cotton and Miss Megan Han. “Ms. Cotton gave me the idea to start a running club,” Prosser said. “She wanted to be a moderator and we knew Ms. Han would be on board too. I liked the idea of not having cross country completely be over…it[Running Club] gives me time to catch up with the girls that ran cross country and relieve some stress, too.”

Many of her cross country teammates felt the same way, “I really missed the interaction with my fellow cross country runners,” junior Kaitlyn Rosenbaum said.

Plus, freshman Sarah Ritterling adds, “It’s easier to run with other people, they can help motivate you.”


Grins all around as Running Club takes off!

Running Club isn’t exclusive to cross country runners either. “I would encourage anyone to join, even if you’ve never run before! It’s a great way to stay in shape without having to play a sport,” Prosser said.

Running Club meets in the Quad twice a week after school and runs for about 30 minutes. “We try to pick the two warmest days of the week,” Cotton said, typically Mondays and Wednesdays. To find out more or to join in on a run, email Cotton or Han for more information.



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