The Purpose of a Final

Commentary By J1 Reporter Mia Mixan

Most students can agree that when they are handed a stapled syllabus on the first day of school, the first thing they search for is how much the final is worth and whether or not it is cumulative. No one actually knows if cumulative finals are effective; students are just told you are going to have finals in college so get used to it. Teachers who only give semester finals have no research as to why they do not have year long cumulative finals.


Juniors: Clara Kidder, Avery Streeter, Jolie Peal, Hannah Bena, Sarah Kennedy-Croft, Bodie Daubert, and Elizabeth Joka study for finals in the Quad.

Most of them simply do not want to put their students through the stress of memorizing so much material.

    Cumulative finals are not all that bad if the material has been previously tested on and most students can agree.

    Most of the fear of the ominous cumulative final comes from the amount of information needed to be memorized. Teachers can easily help students break this fear down by giving them reasons as to why the method of a cumulative final improves student learning and by preparing them the entire year for this immense test. The more accustomed students are to one standard form of test preparation, the better the results of the testing will be regardless of the class. Yes, the moral of the story is to stop complaining and go to Scooters, because girl, cumulative finals sadly have a purpose.


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