Activate Your Love for Charcoal Lemonade

Opinion by JI reporter Kayla Gornall

It’s the holiday season. Full plates and sweet treats are in our midst. Whether it’s grandma’s famous cookies or the pushy uncle who continually asks if you want another slice of his homemade apple pie, we are all in need of a little cleanse. Activated charcoal lemonade is a detox drink that is delicious and easy to make with many incredible health benefits. It has a negative connotation because of our dear friend Saint Nick, but this Christmas, charcoal is going to be at the top of your wish list.

Activated charcoal lemonade seems a little intimidating, due to its uncommon black coloring, but unlike some of the drinks you can buy at the store, you know exactly how it is made and what goes in the drink. The ingredients of this detox include water, activated charcoal, agave nectar and lemons.

The key ingredient in the drink is activated charcoal. It is usually used as a medical treatment in hospitals for poisoning or drug overdoses. However, it can also be used at home for a natural detox. This may be a scary idea for the majority of first-time charcoal users because it is a mysterious black powder. However, activated charcoal has properties that allow it to naturally trap toxins and unwanted chemicals in your body, then flushes them out of your system safely. Under a microscope, small cavities and chambers can be seen in activated charcoal. This is where any unwanted materials, chemicals, or gas get absorbed.

Because activated charcoal doesn’t have any flavor, a variety of recipes are available to use. You can also use it in a homemade face mask, or even a teeth whitener! There is, however, a downfall to the magic of charcoal. Because it is so uncommon, not many stores sell this product. You will need to purchase activated charcoal online, but luckily, it has a bang for the buck. On Amazon, you can buy a 12 ounce bag for $28. This bag will last a long time because the recommended size for charcoal lemonade per drink is only a teaspoon. 

There are some important things to know before drinking charcoal lemonade. Charcoal cannot decipher which nutrients in your body are helpful and which are harmful, so it is best to only drink charcoal lemonade 3-4 hours before or after a meal to ensure you are retaining the nutrients from other food. This should also be applied to any medication you are taking. Charcoal lemonade also cannot be consumed daily because it has been linked to dehydration. This means you must drink your water; it key in the process of detoxing. Children have an electrolyte imbalance in their bodies which make them more susceptible to dehydration, therefore this drink is not safe for them.


Style and Spice recommends making activated charcoal lemonade with 4-6 squeezed lemons, 5 cups water, ½ cup agave nectar, and about one teaspoon of charcoal powder. All you do is mix the ingredients together and if you’re feeling fancy, top it off with a lemon slice on the rim.

I made activated charcoal lemonade recently and it was a whole new world! I was a little scared myself to try it, so for any first-timers, I am here to tell you, it is delicious and you will not die. In fact, your body will love you for it, which makes me love the drink even more. So sit back, relax, and spread the joy of this Christmas season to your body as you enjoy a nice glass of activated charcoal lemonade.

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