Answers to Crazy Questions about Crazy Big Families: Part 1

Opinion By J1 Reporter Anna Kenney

First off to introduce myself to you, my readers, I am a book fanatic, major procrastinator, pop star in the shower, nervous driver, JC (Jesus Christ) lover, and basically any period drama show’s number one fan. But what most don’t know about me, aside from my weirdness, is that I live under one roof with nine other people and two-ish bathrooms. Do the math. So now for all of you who are wondering what the inside scoop is on big families and have lingering questions like: if all Catholics multiply like rabbits, if there is ever enough to eat, and what traveling around in a 12-passenger van from day to day is like, then today is your lucky day. I will do my best, as the oldest of the weirdest bunch of eight kids to ever share the same genetics, to answer your crazy questions about crazy big families.

FullSizeRender (2).jpg

Anna’s Answers

From “Even my dog has her own bathroom”: How do all those people share a bathroom and live to tell the tale? In short, lots of screaming, crying, pushing, cold showers, and toothpaste fights. The stereotype is that girls take a long time to get ready, but from my experience, six boys can take just as long. I mean, how long does it take to brush your buzzcut? The most annoying part is the cold showers in winter, because everyone decides that the most opportune time to take a shower is when mom yells, “Boys, you stink! Shower up!” But you are going out with friends later and get stuck with the cold freezing shower in 32 degree weather in July because we live in Nebraska.

From “Name unknown”: Can your parents remember all of your names? Yes they
remember them, but do they always call us by the right name? No. In my house I answer to, Teresa (my mom), Rachel (my sister), Kathy (my aunt), and Wilber (our nonexistent dog). Basically, you just go with the flow and if the yelling is directed at you, then you

Until next time, dear readers, the best advice I can possibly give is: keep
living life as best you can!


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