Art Club inspires students to express themselves through art while having fun with friends

By J1 Reporter Sally Noble

Art Club is just one of the many programs at Marian that allows girls to express themselves and have fun in a totally open and welcoming environment. It is one club that has been around at Marian for many years, but new girls and new ideas allow it to continue flourishing.

Screen Shot 2017-12-12 at 9.14.36 AM

Junior Emma Williams’ coffee painting from Art Club. Straub planned a meeting in which members used paint brushes, coffee, and their own creative minds to create a work of art. Photo by Ashley Straub.

Junior Ashley Straub, president of the Art Club, is the person behind all the meetings, from planning and promoting attendance to gathering materials and carrying out the projects. Art Club has completed activities such as watercolor paintings, zentangles, mandala rocks, coffee art, mixed media, and origami paper flowers. All of these projects were successful, and Straub is sure to continue coming up with fun activities for girls of all artistic abilities to participate in. Mrs. Kris Calhoun, science and art teacher who moderates Art Club, assists Straub in planning and setting dates for meetings as well as finding materials for the projects. Art Club meetings often have a theme relating to the month or season. For example, one recent project was making yarn pumpkins, and girls had lots of fun at this fall-themed meeting. For the month of December, Straub also organized a meeting making 3-d snowflakes, which was a big success. Straub is always looking for new ideas for activities, and is looking to incorporate both a dream catcher project and a calligraphy class next semester due to popular demand.

Straub stresses the importance of girls not being worried about being good or even passionate about art to come to the meetings. If a Marian girl wants to join the club or even just get the emails to stay informed, Straub is the one to contact to get on the email list and be contacted about the dates, times, locations, and activities involved in the meetings. “Club members do not have to have any artistic ability to create something and be proud of it!” Straub said. She also said she believes that art is a way to express yourself and your emotions by pouring your feelings into a project that can hold a special meaning when it’s finished. Marian’s Art Club is a way to do this in a stress-free and welcoming environment with good friends.

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